Down East Challenge

The Down East Challenge is a 140nm destination race from Marblehead, MA to Rockland, ME.

Here's the race course (click on course for larger sized image):

Here are some of the stats from the race:

Finish Time: 7/26 06:36:02
Elapsed Time: 19:46:02
Corrected Time: 17:36:03
Single Handed Division Position: 1st Place

Other stats:
Only one boat beat me over the line, a J-130 with a rating of 33, by a little less than an hour.
I beat 4 boats over the line with better ratings than me of 135, 144, 147 and 171 (Jeroboam has a rating of 180)

On corrected time, I beat the entire fleet including the fully crewed boats.
The longest leg, from Gloucester to Monhegan Island had some incredible wind on the starboard quarter. I traveled 86 miles in around 11 hours for an average speed of 7.82 kts. This was an amazing run for Jeroboam as her hull speed is in the mid 8's and for about 6 of those 11 hours, we saw speeds of 8.2-8.4. Very intense sailing as this was the most I'd ever asked of my spinnaker with true wind speeds in the low 20s from 120-140 degrees. I was lucky not to have blown it as my closest competition blew theirs but managed to perform amazingly well for the balance of the race under jib alone, finishing a little less than half an hour behind me.

Post race celebration with part of the Saga crew and a special appearance by FlavorFlav: