Newport Offshore 160

I won my division! This was my first win in a single handed race and my first win on Jeroboam so naturally, I'm pretty excited. This single handed race starts in Newport and spans 160 miles between Martha's Vineyard and Long Island. It's a qualifier for the Bermuda 1-2.

Here's the race course (click on course for larger sized image):

Here are some of the stats from the race:

Finish Time: 7/13 3:10:54 AM
Elapsed Time: 38:50:54
Corrected Time: 34:15:44
Division 2 Position: 1st Place

Other Stats:
- On Corrected time, only one boat in the entire fleet beat me, a Beneteau 40.7 in Division One.
- I beat a Mini over the line, although in fairness to Chris, it was a lousy race for minis because only the last 2 legs were down wind with the others pretty closed hauled.
- 4 boats beat me over the line with ratings of 58, 88, 105 and 141 (Jeroboam's rating is 187).
- This was my first win ever in a single handed race and my first win ever on Jeroboam.

The closest competition came from a C&C Mk-3 (rating 141) who crossed the finish line 38 minutes and 34 seconds before me and a Cal 28-2 (rating 190) who crossed the finish line 1 hour 11 minutes 22 seconds after me. Here's a look at the individual leg times for all three of us:
Leg Jeroboam C&C Cal
1 02:18 02:09 02:19
2 10:48 09:05 10:15
3 15:58 16:39 17:03
4 06:04 06:21 06:25
5 03:43 03:58 04:10

Clearly Leg 2 was my worst showing due mainly to a poor mark rounding strategy with regard to current at Nomans Land and the fact that I let the autopilot do a bunch of the steering on that leg. I was lucky to round when I did as all the boats behind me got stuck on the wrong side of the mark with an unfavorable current and dead wind. The gains I gleaned on Legs 3, 4 and 5 had much to do with the fact that the wind picked up enough that my waterline played a crucial role. I also suspect Jeroboam's down wind performance is better than the C&C in varying conditions as seen on the last 2 legs. The big gain on Leg 3 is a bit of a mystery to me. I was fairly closed hauled with the spinnaker for the first half of that leg then I switched to the jib as I got headed and saw a nice jump in boat speed. Then I relaunched the spinnaker close to the mark and jibed around it. Perhaps the fact that I maximized my chute time on leg 4 by already having it out instead of having to launch it contributed partially to the gains on leg 4.